Transportation in Friuli Venezia Giulia

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   Deutsche Sprache : un-official web pages about the present and the past of public transports in Friuli Venezia Giulia (by Giovanni Tosi)

Trolleybuses - Photo gallery

FiloTS6.jpg (74394 byte) FiloTS8.jpg (201055 byte)

filoTS10.jpg (124225 byte)

Lina 19 in p. Cagni

(photo Grisilla)

Alfa Romeo 140 in v. Flavia

(arch. ACT)

Inside of San Sabba

depot (photo Grisilla)

In piazza Sansovino

(coll. Tosi)

FiloTS9.jpg (91802 byte) FiloTS7.jpg (196901 byte) Stream1.jpg (75205 byte)  


(coll. Tosi)

A.R. 140 sold to Salerno

(photo Grisilla)

The Stream during a test

(photo Tosi)

    FiloTS3.jpg (58197 byte)    

Alfa Romeo 140 in p.le Valmaura (ph. Grisilla)



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