Transportation in Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Tramways - Photo gallery

TramTs3.jpg (71383 byte)

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Piazza Grande, now P. Unità  (coll. Tosi)

Via Giulia, near the

public park (coll. Tosi)

Near the central

 station (coll. Tordeur)

A Union type on line 1

(coll. priv.)

TramTS5.jpg (79475 byte)   TramTS9.jpg (208563 byte)

Via Carducci

 (coll. Tordeur)

The Rive, in front of

 P. Venezia (coll. Tosi)


Piazza Oberdan in the 40's

(coll. priv.)

TramTs11.jpg (244377 byte) tramTS6.jpg (239837 byte) TramTS12.jpg (312405 byte) TramTS7.jpg (233860 byte)

A trailer in San Giovanni

(coll. priv.)

Viale Miramare, last run

of 6 (coll. priv.)

Viale Miramare

(coll. priv.)

Barcola (coll. priv.)

The first Stanga

(ph. Pol Tordeur)

A Stanga 3rd serie

(ph. Pol Tordeur)

A Stanga 3rd serie

(ph. Pol Tordeur)

A modified tram

(ph. Pol Tordeur)


Piazza Oberdan

(ph. Pol Tordeur)

Via Giulia

(ph. Pol Tordeur)

  TramTS8.jpg (268657 byte) TramTsin2.jpg (230225 byte)  

Sandrinelli tunnel

 (coll. Tosi)

Inside of a Stanga

 (coll. Tosi)

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Udine (coll. priv.)



Tram Opicina


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